About ELMU

The elmu website and the non-profit association ELMU Education e.V.

elmu is a Wikipedia around the topic music.

The name Wikipedia is a nested word made up of "Wiki" and "Encyclopedia". The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word for 'fast'. Wikis are hypertext systems for web pages whose content can not only be read by users, but also modified online in a web browser. The articles are linked to each other like a net. (translated from German Wikipedia, Abruf: 27.05.2019)

The goal of the elmu project is the bundling of existing as well as the creation of new Open Educational Resources (short: OER) for music under a free Creative Commons License. We hope that elmu will develop into a highly visible, internationally oriented as well as long-term accessible platform.

You can watch a short info film (in German) about elmu here:

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In the 25th issue of the university magazine "Auftakt" of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich (summer 2019), an interview about elmu was published on the topic "In Focus: Digitalization". You can download the interview (in German) here.

If you contribute to elmu, you agree to publish your contributions under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA (except for PDF files, which may have a more regressive license such as CC licenses with the additions ND or NC). This license allows:

  • a timely update of the materials,
  • the adaptation of the materials to new teaching situations, and
  • the development of new materials based on existing resources by users.

elmu provide materials for different target groups:

  • for children and young people (e.g. for teaching at music schools and general education schools),
  • for students (e.g. at conservatories and music academies) as well as for
  • for adults (in the sense of lifelong learning).

The long-term archiving of the materials is carried out in cooperation with the Library of the University of Music and Theatre Munich as well as with the Bavarian State Library (under construction).

License: CC BY-SA 4.0 (any later version)
Source: elmu.online, Article “About ELMU”, https://elmu.online/docs/tsJBroDtDHU4WQvxuQqzNb/about-elmu, 10/04/2022, 4:33 PM
Contributions by: Ulrich Kaiser, Ilka-Mestemacher, Theresa Ulbricht

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