ELMU Education e.V. is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting "Volks- und Berufsbildung im musischen Bereich durch die transparente und demokratische Gestaltung von musischer Bildung unter breiter Beteiligung der Lernenden und Lehrenden". ELMU Education e. V. is to ensure that all interested parties are given equal and long-term access to musical education, in particular through

  • the design, development and maintenance of open source technology that facilitates learning, content creation and collaborative learning,
  • making content available free of charge, without advertising, freely licensed, open source, and generally easy to re-use; and
  • the support of an independent and voluntary working community of editors in quality assurance and development of content basics.

ELMU Education e.V. is recognized as a non-profit organization, donations and membership fees are therefore fully tax-deductible and are used exclusively for the purposes of the association as set out in the statutes. If you would like to contact ELMU Education e.V., please use one of the following options:

The statutes of the association ELMU Education e. V. approved by the district court in June can be downloaded here as a PDF file.


ELMU Education e.V. cooperates with various non-profit associations and organizations in order to achieve the association's goal and to provide access to musical education to all equally:


The project was initiated at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, initial funding made it possible to start the project. Below are the donors or organizations that have generously supported the development of the elmu website:

Donations over 10,000 EUR:

Donations up to EUR 10,000:

Donations 500 EUR to 1,000 EUR:

Donations under 500 EUR:


The collaboration of the editors on elmu is voluntary and committed to the idea of free education.


All previous financial contributions served and serve exclusively the development of the platform elmu. The web application elmu financed with the monetary grants is currently programmed by Andreas Helmberger and is published under a free license (MIT) as open source software on GitHub.

License: CC BY-SA 4.0 (any later version)
Source:, Article “Organization”,, 10/04/2022, 5:45 PM
Contributions by: Ulrich Kaiser, Ilka-Mestemacher, Theresa Ulbricht

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