Terms of Usage

Terms of Usage

The goal of the elmu website is to provide Open Educational Resources. All authors who make their contributions available to the general public on elmu therefore agree to publish their settings under a culturally free license (currently Creative Common BY-SA). Content on the elmu website is free to use, modify and adapt due to this licensing.

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Licence and Updates

elmu reserves the right to make content available in the future under a different culturally free license or a newer version of the currently used license. Authors who publish on elmu agree to any necessary license change as well as the migration of old content to the new license.

Author credits

The crediting of authors is possible in a credits section of an article and is done by the authors themselves. Visible naming in the article is not technically provided for.

Rules of conduct

All offline rules of good manners apply on elmu. Criminal content is prohibited on elmu (e.g. disregard of copyright, insults, slander, offensive or obscene content, etc.). National law is respected on elmu as well as international law, as far as it is relevant for national law. Violations of applicable law, insults and vandalism can be punished with a blocking.


The posting of self-created content is desired, the posting of content by other authors is generally not possible. As explained above, the names of authors in elmu articles are given voluntarily and can be changed by users. For the distribution of third-party Creative Commons content, on the other hand, a specific and unchangeable form of attribution is mandatory.


elmu is entitled to change the terms of use and privacy policy according to legal requirements. The change will be communicated to authors in an understandable form at the next registration, further collaboration on the elmu platform is only possible after agreeing to the changed guidelines.

Final clause

Should individual agreements of this contract be/become ineffective or should there be a gap requiring regulation, the effectiveness of the remaining agreements shall not be affected. In this case, the invalid agreement shall be replaced by another agreement which comes closest in its intention to the invalid agreement.

License: CC BY-SA 4.0 (any later version)
Source: elmu.online, Article “Terms of Usage”, https://elmu.online/docs/gSYmfSpqZRUmU4yr7qXUbo/terms-of-usage, 10/04/2022, 4:56 PM
Contributions by: Ulrich Kaiser, Ilka-Mestemacher, Theresa Ulbricht

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